Let me tell you my experience for how to make laptop batteries lasting longer
<strong> 1.</strong> before use of notebook computers, carefully read battery maintenance part o fthe user manualthe (<a href="http://www.daily-battery.com/sony-vgn-fz-battery.htm" target="_blank">Sony Vaio VGN-FZ battery</a>);
<strong> 2. </strong>When the first charge laptop battery, you should continuously charge the battery to 12 hours, and cycle to fully charge, discharge 3 times to complete the new wake-up battery (<a href="http://www.daily-battery.com/sony-vgp-bps8.htm" target="_blank">Sony VGP-BPS8 battery</a>);
<strong> 3.</strong> If the prolonged use of external power supply, it is best to remove the battery. Many of my friends did not take note of this problem, use an external power supply is not remove the battery will not only affect the battery life of notebook computers also allow heat to become even heavier burden, shortening the life of notebook computers; see the full text please visit Pai licensing battery Network (<a href="http://www.daily-battery.com/sony-vgp-bpl9.htm" target="_blank">Sony VGP-BPL9 battery</a>).
<strong>4.</strong> Periodic charge and discharge. Even without the memory effect of lithium-ion battery There is a certain inertia effect, a long time not to use lithium-ion will lose their activity, the need for re-activation. Therefore, if a long time (three weeks or more) do not use a computer or found the battery charge and discharge time became shorter and should be fully discharged before recharging the battery is generally a month for at least a full charge and discharge (<a href="http://www.daily-battery.com/sony-vgp-bps9.htm" target="_blank">Sony VGP-BPS9battery</a>).
<strong>5.</strong> Recharged when to switch off the best notebook computers, the battery can be completely full of electricity, do not unplug the power half-way in the charge. Shutdown charge than to shorten the boot charging more than 30% of the charging time, and can extend the battery life. Best finish in 30 minutes after charging to use (<a href="http://www.daily-battery.com/sony-vgp-bpl11.htm" target="_blank">Sony VGP-BPL11 battery</a>).
<strong>6.</strong> To prevent exposure to prevent damp to prevent the chemical liquid erosion, battery contacts to avoid contact with metal objects, such as short circuit happen. Lithium battery charge and discharge the number of generally not more than 800 times, on one charge, it will shorten the life span of time. Propose that we make full use of external power supply, if you use half-way many times Plug Power, and notebook computers built-in battery does not pull out, let the battery??great, because each access to external power supply is equivalent to a battery charge (<a href="http://www.daily-battery.com/sony-vgp-bps11.htm" target="_blank">Sony VGP-BPS11 battery</a>).
Power management options to optimize settings
For notebook computer users, we recommend the use of WindowsXP operating system, of course, if the laptop configuration is too low even WindowsXP can not meet the minimum configuration requirements, it is another matter.
The reason there are many, the main point is that the notebook computer power management for all computer operating systems is currently the most advanced, if we could tie in with the Centrino platform, so much the better (<a href="http://www.daily-battery.com/acer-aspire-3020-battery.htm" target="_blank">ACER Aspire 3020 Battery</a>). 1.6GHz of the Pentium-M load smaller only in the following frequency of 600MHz. If your notebook computer to support the Intel SpeedStep, AMD PowerNow ? or Transmeta’s LongRun technology, we must remember that installed the latest drivers, to play its biggest utility, WindowsXP is automatic (<a href="http://www.daily-battery.com/sony-vgn-fz4000.htm" target="_blank">SONY VAIO VGN-FZ4000 Battery</a>).

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