It is clear to note that batteries which are maintained by individual users generally last longer than those in the public system to operate the group, where everyone has access, but no one is responsible. In this article we look at aspects of two specific battery applications, namely for purposes of personal and group applications. Article provides suggestions how to extend a battery life and can improve the reliability (Sony Vaio VGN-FZ battery).

In our definition, a single user is someone who is mobile phone, a laptop or a video camera for business purposes or pleasure using one. He or she is probably the recommended guidelines of the battery-care follow all. The user will be closely familiar with the difference between batteries do with. Once the period of performance is slowing, the battery is being serviced or replaced. Cases of critical failures are rare, because the individual owner on the performance of the battery and adjusts his expectations and adapt equally reduced (Sony VGP-BPL9 battery).

The user group, on the other hand, has a low personal interest in the battery pack and will tolerate a little, which is not perfect. It takes just a battery charger and expects that the length of time he maintains his power for. At the end of the day the battery is recharged, ready to hand the application of the next user. Presumably through negligence batteries provide for multiple users is noticeably shorter life span than those used exclusively for purposes that are personal (Sony VGP-BPS9 battery).

How can fleet batteries remain stable for longer? An interesting observation follows from the comparison between the manipulations of the U.S. Army on the one hand and the other army Holland where both fleets use batteries.The U.S. military divides batteries without any maintenance program. If the battery fails, a new pack is distributed without causal questions about the circumstances be made. Only minimal maintenance is spent and the failure rate is high (Sony VGP-BPL11 battery).

The Holland Army decided to drop the fleet system by the soldiers be held responsible for their batteries. This system has been introduced to improve the reliability and reduce operating costs. The batteries will be handed out individually to the soldiers and their property as maintained (Sony VGN-FZ460E battery).

The improvement results are amazing. Holland, the Army has introduced the new scheme, the failure rate fell significantly, while performance was an improvement in battery-listed. Sudden failure in the field application could be excluded almost completely (SONY VAIO VGN-FZ4000 Battery).

It should be noted that the Army Holland only NiCd batteries used. To prolong the life of each package is replaced by a periodic maintenance by a Cadex battery analyzer. Batteries that are not set 80-percent capacity to achieve the target will be reconditioned, those who do not reach the target capacity, will be replaced. The U.S. Army, on the other hand, uses NiMH batteries which have a shorter life span known for. The Army evaluated the newly developed Li? Ion polymer battery type as the future generation (Sony VGN-FZ150E battery).

Constant battery failure, high replacement costs and questionable reliability have led many organizations to, a battery to be checked by analyzing regular batteries and wait. Today, play a critical battery analyzer and indispensable role in the batteries to extend the service life and reliability and to improve performance (Sony Vaio VGN-FZ18M battery).

As expected, new batteries correctly provide its full capacity at all times.However, many users notice that a new battery is not always the performance specifications. Weak batteries can therefore be identified and a battery analyzer to matching its performance to be brought through. the capacity does not improve, the packs in order to guarantee compensation to the supplier returned. deliveries to whole new battery had to be returned to power is lower due. Had these batteries without prior review released, the whole system would come into affect, and frequent failure causes which could unreliability (Toshiba PA3535U-1BRS battery).

In addition to the preparation of new batteries use lead battery analyzer important service function by which, to strengthen weak batteries, and has become sort out unusable units. It should be noted here that a battery analyzer, the nickel-based batteries most effectively regenerated. Lithium-based batteries lose their capacity primarily by the aging and loss of this benefit more can not be undone. Weak batteries are often hidden between the good units. If high stress emergency measure required by a falling early from already weak units (Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS battery).

Operating organizations tend batteries so long to move the maintenance until a critical situation develops. Had such a fire crew in the use of radio communication chronic problems, especially in an insert, which lasted more than two hours. Although the reception functioned normally, the team could not send clear. This situation brought the fire department in embarrassment, as it provided the team was not aware that their messages were not transferred (Toshiba PA3399U-2BRS battery).

On the recommendation to the fire department managed a Cadex analyzer to the battery and all batteries were serviced and reconditioned. Those batteries that do not aim to improve capacity were predetermined to have been replaced (Toshiba PA3285U-1BRS battery).
A short time later, the fire department a ten-hour operation to set up, the increased radio traffic required. To the surprise of no radio failed. The success of this operation was error-free battery performance attributed to the. The next day, sat down personally with the fire chief of the manufacturer of the battery analyzer, in conjunction, and praised the flawless performance of the product and its future use (Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS battery) .

Batteries, which for a long time period are willing to fail, often when they claimed to be in a Notbedarf suddenly. A tour of a Cadex Representative emergency system in a large American city invited to. In the fortified underground bunkers were over a thousand in NiCd battery chargers ready.The green light flashed at all and showed that the batteries fully charged and ready at any time would be. Responsible manager assured with undoubted conviction: "We are prepared for every possible emergency!" (Toshiba PA3450U-1BRS battery)

The Cadex representative asked for one of the operational battery charger, to check the condition. Within seconds, showed the battery analyzer battery failure in one. In an effort that this was only one case, took the head of another battery charger, which also failed, however, and tested the following batteries not fared better. He also denied (Toshiba PA3285U-1BRS battery ).

Such events occur, unfortunately, quite common. Decisions and lack of financial fundamentals make it difficult political to the problems, if detected, remove quickly. A maintenance program where every month battery analyzer battery is cycled a systematic, could prevent such problems. As long as this refrain will remain the responsible head of the emergency response system remain to be hoped that it never comes to a real emergency (IBM ThinkPad R50 battery).

Another group of users who must rely on batteries is crucial, is the military.Defense organizations attach great importance to use the best quality and performance requirements for appliances and equipment to make the highest. This applies, unfortunately, not necessarily on battery packs, where poor maintenance, lack of knowledge and lack of care are common. The battery thus escapes the military thorough inspection and is often used only superficially inspected. These efforts will be little done to and the number of cycles to capture the age. Finally, mixed with new batteries are weak and the system is unreliable. As a result, the soldiers carry, so to speak "stones" instead of batteries ready with him (IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet battery).


Different from the single-user, the battery like a good friend and treated him carefully to know the need batteries from an unknown group of users remove the supply pool. While an individual user already noticed a slight drop in performance, group users have little knowledge of when the batteries are removed from the charger. The user is the condition of the battery completely delivered. It plays Russian roulette (IBM ThinkPad R60 battery).

In recent years many companies have decided to perform battery maintenance programs. Such facilities include regular drill of the battery reconditioning of those units that are below the set target capacity, and the sorting out has become unusable batteries with one (IBM ThinkPad R51 battery).

Unfortunately, batteries are usually then waited until they no longer hold their power or when the unit is sent for repair. As a result, the battery device unreliable and battery-related failures will happen more frequently. The loss in the battery is just as harmful as any other disorder in the system (ACER Aspire 3020 Battery).

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