Last week may have seen an amusing and yet important turning point in the global warming debate that many Conservatives, including this one, have constantly questioned over many, many years--after a computer hacker barged his or her way into the Hadley Research Center which is located in Great Britain.  The Center is considered one of the linchpins of the International Community's IPCC research on global warming along with East Anglia (Sony Vaio VGN-FZ battery).

The industrious hacker downloaded a prodigious amount of emails from both researchers and directors that plainly revealed that the (no doubt now) really "Mad Scientists" were intentionally hiding data that would have proved damning to their entire reason for a rather expensive existence on the world's dole (Sony VGP-BPS8 battery).  President Obama, whose energy policy along with Cap and Trade legislation hinges on the dire urgency of global warming, upon hearing of this news promptly decided that an earlier decision to forego his climate meeting in Copenhagen be "rethought."  Now Obama will apparently be rushing to the "important" climate meeting in order to perform "Global Damage Control," and perhaps in true Messiah fashion, "resurrect" the recently deceased issue of Global Warming as far as these illuminating emails are concerned (Sony VGP-BPL9 battery).

The Conservative Mindset on Most Things Global

By way of explanation as to "thinking" Conservatives, and the reason that so many of us have questioned the veracity of the "pop science" that is manmade global warming-- seems more grounded in our critical observation of history along with the constant deluge of the multi-generational Liberal hobby of trying to "scare the spoor" out of the population into conforming (those around them) into their mind-numbed, lock step, Utopian approach to life in general (Sony VGP-BPS9 battery).  One must remember that some of the greedy Chicken Littles in Academia often need more than just the teaching of our young in order to be fulfilled within their already rather important profession of its own accord.  All too often, Liberal Academians seem to think of themselves also as "Human Pavlovian Programmers" in downloading, not just critical thinking and problem solving skills, but also "near computer virus-like" brain trojans which seem to automatically jolt the trained students back into Academia's puppet master fold when the youngsters try to wander off into "Logical Land"--which must be no more than Bizzaro World to these Liberal Academian Maestros (Sony VGP-BPL11 battery).

Here at Conservative Refocus, as always, rather than attempting to talk one into our reasoning--as do the constantly jabbering Statists--we prefer to show and prove why we see these things as we do--so why not take a look at some of the media-driven, manmade, and natural disaster specters that have buggered us over the years, ultimately proving to be nothing more than an often audaciously expensive flight of fancy before we dive into our perspective on the "researchers'" data: (Sony VGP-BPL15 battery)

The Global Cooling Scare of the Early to Mid 70s

In the early 1970s, the Media became incensed at the possibility of global cooling and that we might indeed be entering into a climate cyclical ice age.  The attached link to an actual newspaper article dated 5/21/75 from (ahem) The New York Times puts forth the dire possibility of all of us needing to grow a plush layer of fur as a result of either manmade pollution--yet again--or solar energy variations (gets my vote) or theoretical orbital oscillations (perhaps) or even volcanic eruptions which have  actually now been proven to reduce prolonged global temperatures by nearly a degree in some instances (Sony VGN-FZ460E battery).

The interesting thing about this particular article is that many of the facts within it seem to have been recycled into the current "hypothesis" regarding global warming. In essence, the same instances that are blamed for causing global warming were also attributed, in this 1975 article, to the postulated global cooling.  Many have surmised, even now, that our main and true concern might be towards global cooling and how it might affect world food stores as a result of vastly shortened growing seasons.  Amusingly, this 1975 article indicates that our artificial production of greenhouse gasses may actually be keeping the global cooling at bay.  So can we now purchase a Humvee without all of the combat environmentalists flipping the bird at us (at best) since we may actually be saving the planet (SONY VAIO VGN-FZ4000 Battery)?

The Forever but Never Oil Shortage of the Late 70s

As early as 1874, some began fretting that oil would soon run out.  In 1914, the "Experts" within our government indicated that we had only a 10 year supply remaining.  In 1940, once again, the government indicated that we then had only a 15 year supply remaining.  In 1977, the "ostensibly rather unbrilliant" Jimmy Carter indicated that foreign oil, in 15 years, would be too pricey for our country to afford (Sony VGP-BPS13 battery).  Even then Carter saw the need to develop our own resources and that the situation, at that time, seemed dire, yet today we refuse to drill in diverse and even barren environs due chiefly to the impact of the ardent environmentalists who seem to wish us to live in profligate misery--if we were to adopt every one of their uber-primitive Marxist-inspired issues and live by them.  The simple fact is that oil can be found in so many places via so many means of expertise that no one can actually say if we might ever run out of the stuff.  It was recently determined that oil shale, which was found in huge deposits in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado but also in other areas of the world, contains enough oil to power the United States for generations to come to the tune of at least 2.7 trillion barrels (Sony Vaio VGN-FZ21M battery ).  The vagaries and extremes that have harmed our economy in the pricing of oil and its byproducts have more to do with self-imposed boundaries on refining and drilling limitations than anything else.  Many scientists agree that oil actually comes from single-celled microscopic creatures called diatoms which live by converting solar energy into their own nourishment--that being oil--naturally produced by their bodies (Sony VGN-FZ150E battery).

These tiny creatures have been around for millions if not billions of years and--even now-- float around in virtually every aquatic environment known to man.  The oil that we retrieve from their past existence is what fuels our engines of society.  From death comes life it would seem even here (Sony Vaio VGN-FZ18M battery).

The Ozone Hole Scare of  the 1980s

In the mid 80s our now proliferate satellite technology allowed us to be able to view our atmosphere and earth on a scale, of course, never before seen by Man.  The result of this, rather than the "radiant enlightenment" one might expect from scientific advances, was an apocalyptic scare of mammoth proportions in the form of a polar ozone hole that scientists were able to alarmingly observe on a newly continual basis (Toshiba PA3535U-1BRS battery).

Rather than levelheadedly acknowledging that--having been unable to view this phenomenon before--perhaps we should simply observe and study in a scientific manner--the Liberal Media, predictably, reacted with hysterics.  Ozone is a gaseous particle that, in this case, aids in blocking harmful ultraviolet radiation from the earth's surface.  The Media was relentless in its typical kneejerk reaction, and before long virtually every government in the world was passing laws and new regulations designed to combat the sinister advances of a newly found Gaseous Criminal which was identified as the chlorofluorocarbon found in Freon--which has an elimating effect on ozone (Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS battery).  The CFC gases which are used en mass by every nation in the world most commonly as an air conditioning refrigerant--were denigrated even to the point of efforts to eliminate the life saving asthma inhibiting inhalers used by asthmatics in order to clear their airways when an asthma attack sets in.  The staggering monetary figure which the world spent in order to reduce and eventually eliminate this type of Freon, as it turns out, was a total waste in resources-nevermind the volume of CFC's that volcanoes routinely spew out.  In modern days we now find that the hole in the ozone layer is, indeed, cyclical in its nature, and that ozone is constantly created and destroyed by the interaction between sunlight and oxygen.  The final result of all of this was better than a decade of a total waste of money, intellect and abject fear.  Does this, perhaps, remind you of anything going on currently (Toshiba PA3399U-2BRS battery)?

The AIDS Pandemic That Wasn't

Also in the 80s was the scourge of AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  This virus, which begins as HIV and which has also been accused as being manmade by many conspiracy theorists, attacks the immune system in such a way as to render it nearly powerless to combat other maladies after a time of lying dormant (Toshiba PA3399U-1BRS battery).  As a result, we were all appropriately ashen at the fact that the primary means of transference of this virus was by sexual contact and that there was no known cure.  Suddenly, instead of being rendered uncomfortable for a time as a result of one's sexual proclivities, a person could die from his or her erotic excesses, for Heaven's sake!  The Media was once again profligate in its reaction detailing a Black-Death-type of mortality rate that might eventually wipe out entire populations (Toshiba PA3285U-1BRS battery).

The fact that the virus was most commonly associated with homosexuals and intravenous drug users only excited the Media and Liberals in general even more.  It should be pointed out that the disease was, indeed, a terrible scourge to the aforementioned populations and many of us knew or still know some whom have fallen ill and expired from this terrible infection; however, the transferrence to general populations as a whole was never actually realized (Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS battery) .  Even the disease's world predominance in sub-Saharan populations has been overstated by as much as 50%, some studies cite, in addition to the countless articles and books that have been written dealing with the same grossly overstated instances of world hysteria as associated with the other apocalypses already noted within this article (Toshiba PA3450U-1BRS battery).

The Myth of Deforestation and Manmade Species Extinction

In addition to the already debunked items that would have seen the human race eventually expunged, we also have the myths of deforestation and the property rights eviscerating "Endangered Species Act" that has become nothing more than a political tool designed to extract property from individuals when no other way appears to exist by the members of both local and Statist government (Toshiba PA3285U-1BRS battery ).  With regard to the touted deforestation problems, in actuality, the US has reduced its forest only from 45% to 33% since the Pilgrims first set foot on the North American continent and much of this is used to grow crops.  In addition, since 1920, according to the US Department of Agriculture, forested land has actually remained about equal (IBM ThinkPad R50 battery).

Species, on the other hand, have come and gone over millions of years and our efforts to control and increase a particular species seems all too often to come at the expense of unsuspecting property owners--in many cases doing more harm than good.  There are indeed instances of species being nearly hunted to extinction, but in these cases, no one can actually know for sure how many members of a particular species exist in the oceans or the environment. We had one particular article earlier this year which indicated that the oceans were being decimated of fish by fishermen (IBM ThinkPad R60 battery).  This article was later recanted but without nearly the sensational forthrightness of the earlier article (of course).  In fact, the US can't even keep track of societal interacting illegals within its borders--so then how can it, in truth, keep track of the various species that occupy the largly unexplored watery depths of 90% of the earth's total area (IBM ThinkPad R51 battery)?

The Damning Details in the Global Warming Researchers' Emails

In our perusing through the emails available, the one singular fact that keeps surfacing is the consternation the researchers seem to show with regard to how to parse the data between what appeared to be global cooling or neutrality at best and their aim to substantiate global warming.  The emails discuss blips and, long what we have always suspected, their ability to skew the data with fractional adjustments (by inserting false but difficult to catch numbers into their research equations) working to their favor in efforts to prove warming (IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet battery).  The researchers also seemed baffled in the oscillations between the NH ( Northern Hemisphere) and the SH (Southern Hemisphere) or blips (blips in this inference can be attributed to data that does not fit in with their agenda).  In addition to that, we also frequently see the researchers refer to "problems" within the data set.  Once again --problems in this venue can be attributable to evidence which simply does not fit in with the researchers' aim to prove global warming (Dell INSPIRON 1420 Battery).

The nail in the coffin would have to be, in this case, the researchers' email which essentially bemoans the new UK Freedom of Information Act, and also purports to hide behind a Data Protection Act, despite the fact that the data was apparently government/publicly funded.  Additionally, the final email instructs the receiver to delete all emails-- this blatantly points to a fear of the details behind the research data being known (Dell Inspiron E1505 Battery).  Also of great concern is the fact that the global data as being researched was withheld from Peer Review, despite the fact that in bringing to fruition the hypothesis of manmade carbon proliferations  as being culpable to global warming, one must have a general acceptance among one's scientific peers in order that the subject be brought from the standard transition of hypothesis to theory to accepted scientific fact.  No such progression has yet been made (Dell Latitude D620 Battery).  And yet here we have the--in large part--quasi-socialist governments of the world insisting on bringing the US in as a leader in "global warming correction" in the form of  "payola" to other third world nations for "participation" (in addition to the rampant energy taxes that will be brought into existence domestically through Cap and Trade legislation once these damnable items have been made into law--were that to tragically occur) (Dell RM791 battery).

Is This Just The Tip Of The "Single Remaining" Iceberg ?

In addition --as this article is being written--more information seems to be continually spilling out that convicts certain members of the Media of withholding information that is beyond damning to their cause in support of global warming (ACER Travelmate 2300 Battery).  In fact the latest news states that when these emails were intially hacked from Hadley--apparently one month ago--they were then promptly sent to several major Media outlets within the UK.  These outlets, rather than being outraged at the research facility for the obviously manufactured numbers being used to perpetuate the global warming myth, chose to sit on the data and keep quiet--no doubt hoping blithely that the entire issue would pass.  We can expect this may have also occurred in mainstream media outlets within the US (ACER Aspire 3020 Battery).  The irony, however, continues as many of you may have noticed--as the truth about global warming continually leaches out--you most likely have also seen your daily newspaper "dry heave" up various articles in connection with the Hadley email leakage stories that point, for instance, to the skiing industry being hurt by unseasonably warm temperatures in various areas (implying that the global warming is happening and hurting us)--as is always the case each year within regions, for Heaven's sake (ACER Aspire 3000 Battery).  We have also seen research presented at the "4 Degrees and Beyond, International Climate Science Conference" at the University of Oxford which indicates that only 10% of the entire population will survive if temperatures increase by 4 degrees celsius telling us that "the results will be terrifying."  Which should make most environmentalists ecstatic from what we have seen (ACER Aspire 5020 Battery).

The question that We as Americans should be asking of our Senators and State Representatives and any other politician--whether they wish to listen or not--is simply this:  Apparently, as of this writing, if there is, indeed, to be  a serious Congressional investigation into all of this false and misleading data with regard to global warming and the pending Cap and Trade legislation, should not all current legislation be suspended indefinitely (ASUS A3000 Battery)? It now seems obvious that that the costly changes and taxes, which are most definitely forthcoming, are based on an illusion that is designed to chain us, as well as citizens of other countries, to a set of regulations and laws that further degrade and imperil the economies and remaining liberties of the developed world (ASUS Eee PC 900 Battery).

Is pursuit of the simple truth in all things, now so damaging to the contrived constuctions of our respective governments, that we must now live in a False Matrix of perception?  The question then becomes "Why do governments consistently buy into these phenomenon when they are more often than not proven to be false (ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Battery)?"

No doubt we have only just scratched the surface with this writing, but we expect to pay a number of visits to this subject in the near and forseeable future (Dell Inspiron 6000 battery).

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